What We Do

We energize corporate events. People traveling to cities for work want more than just a day of meetings followed by the same old dinner routine. Our tours enable people to explore and experience the cities they are visiting in a whole new way.

Urban History Tours offers a fun, unique and educational way to explore historic American events that have been “lost” or masked over time through urban development.

Our tours showcase a city’s historic sites, its rich past, its people and the role these events played in shaping the America we live in today.


Where We Fit In

Our tours can be integrated into any of the following events you are planning:

  • Trade show or conference attendance
  • Executive retreat and/or strategic planning session
  • Sales or customer meeting
  • Employee training
  • Customer appreciation events
  • Team-building events


Who We Are

Urban History Tours is the creation of Matt Spaulding, a 25-year veteran of the communications industry, a lifelong student of American history and a 12th generation American whose relatives fought in every major American conflict, including the Revolution, the Civil War, World War II and Vietnam. Matt serves as the primary tour guide for all tours in all markets, partnering with history experts and organizations when applicable.   A dynamic public speaker and presenter, he has led public and private group tours on urban battlefields in Atlanta, Chattanooga and Princeton/Trenton. Matt has written articles for publication and completed several portions of Yale University’s online courses “The American Revolution” and “The Civil War Era and Reconstruction, 1845-1877.”