For each city where we offer a tour, we have a suggested starting place and ending spot; these are signature locations your group will find amazing. We’ve also mapped out the best route that will take your group by the most important historical markers or other significant points or interest.

We have mapped out the best route for each tour in each city. However, depending on your group’s needs, we can customize your tour with the following elements:

  • Starting & Ending Times – We can start or end a tour at times that are convenient to the business priorities of your group
  • Business Theme – We can integrate a business concept into the tour that is appropriate for your group
  • Memorable – We’ll work with you in any way to make your tour more memorable. We can provide dinner recommendations; group photos; historical actors; etc.
  • Happy Hour — To make the tour even more fun, we can start happy hour on the front-end or stopping at a bar during the tour!

Highly Researched & Relatable

We have spent countless hours researching each historic event and the urban environments where they happened. We have left no stone unturned to ensure your group gets a complete perspective of that event and its transformative effect on today’s America.

“You don’t need to be a history lover or a military genius to enjoy our tours. You simply need an inquisitive mind and a desire to learn.”

“Make the tour your own!”