Our tours are like a story, not resuscitation of dates and names. And like any good story, we encourage comments, debate and conversation. This conversation is facilitated by the tour guide and through a Q&A session at the final location.

“Our tours are like a story.”


We enhance each tour with a variety of compelling videos and historic photos.

Books for More Knowledge

We are able to provide our participants with a list of books for pre-reading prior to a tour or for greater understanding following a tour.

Tablet Devices

When applicable, we can provide participants with tablet devices. Loaded with maps, historical photos, video clips and other content, these tablet devices create a richer experience for all.

Luxury Vehicles

We partner with the leading luxury van and bus transportation companies in all cities where we offer a tour. This ensures your group travels with the highest level of style and comfort, adding to each tour’s memorable experience. To see some of the vans or buses we can use for your tour, feel free to visit Legacy Atlanta.

We can also work with you for securing “non-traditional” vehicles for your tour. For example, we can arrange an authentic English Double Decker bus in Chattanooga or a olde time trolley in Atlanta.